FUSE FM Ballymoney is the local Ulster-Scots radio station for north Antrim.  Since our inception, and first broadcast in December 2007, we have continued to grow and evolve, with more experience gained by our team during the RSL broadcasts.

For the first few years, FUSE FM operated from above shops and in community buildings before moving to our purpose built studio within the Ullans Centre in 2009.

OFCOM awarded FUSE FM Ballymoney a community radio license in May 2013 (and a first for any Ulster-Scots station), and since then we have been launched our new full time station summer 2015.  A new location in the heart of Ballymoney with a larger studio, has resulted in us now being able to have bands play live on air, plus we have increased our inter-activeness with improved webcams and digital output.   All our presenters are volunteers, and we are indebted to them for the time commitments they give to help entertain our listeners.

FUSE FM Ballymoney is your local station, covering the language, culture and heritage of Ulster-Scots, and we aim to give the community a voice on issues which others may miss.   FINALE LOGO small

We thank everyone of you who listens, and are delighted when you contact us, so please send us your various requests via our text message or email service and become part of the fuse family.


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